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Starry- eyed Brady

Lyrics& Narration: Ramona Miza/ The Fairytale Studio
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Starry- eyed Brady (Enough love for all)


Ever heard of the legend

Of starry- eyed Brady,

Whose mommy and daddy brought home a new baby?


They say he was seven,

A big boy indeed.

The kind that was used to taking the lead.

But little did Brady know that one day,

While he was out playing his usual play,

His mommy and daddy would come, just like that,

And show him a baby as big as a cat.


"Come, Brady, come closer", his mommy would say, "you have a new brother with whom you can play!"

Poor Brady was crushed, his thoughts running wild.

Could mommy and daddy really love one more child?

He couldn't believe it, he just had no clue

How their love could now be divided by two.


But daddy was sure of Brady's concern

And taught him a lesson all brothers should learn.

"Hey, Brady, quick question", he said soft and calm, "who do you love more? Is it me or your mom?"

Since Brady was still unaware of his game, he said "that's unfair. I love you the same!"

So daddy then smiled and gave him a hug. "We feel the same way, you cute little bug!"


Ever heard of the legend

Of starry- eyed Brady,

Whose mommy and daddy brought home a new baby?

He now has two brothers and stands proud and tall

Knowing mommy and daddy have enough love for all!

Lyrics: © The Fairytale Studio


Background music: Mattia Cuppelli 


Mary Freckles


There once was a village

Quite far away,

Where Mary Freckles was born one day.

She had green eyes,

Tiniest knuckles,

Red curly hair

And, that`s right... freckles.


As time flew by,

Mary`s old swaddler

Was left behind,

She`s now a toddler.

Has curious eyes,

Loves pie and pickles,

Her mouth`s full of whys

And face full of freckles.


But Mary grew older,

She`s taller and smarter

And still loves her freckles,

Though somebody mocked her.

See, Mary knows well that in spite of that shover,

A good book like her can`t be judged by the cover.


So you see, dear children,

Mary Freckles was right!

Please, take a quick moment to read what I write.

Let no bully hurt you, with words nor their knuckles.

What made Mary special was her face full of freckles!